Providing Solutions to a Wide Range of Medical Conditions
through Vascular and Interventional Treatments

We are a comprehensive medical practice specializing in minimally invasive endovascular procedures which are effective for treating a wide range of vascular conditions as well as cancer. Our unique approach to vascular care is recognized for our commitment to clinical excellence and outstanding patient satisfaction. Our highly specialized physicians, Dr. Steven Thomas, Dr. Chip Bell, and Dr. William Lea use state-of-the-art diagnostic technology that ensures high quality, patient-focused care.

“We welcome you to our practice, and want to have a chance to sit down with you
and discuss your medical questions. Feel free to email or call us to get the process started, and then we can make an appointment for you when you are ready. Our patients are often dealing with pain or decreased inability to walk from peripheral artery disease, the inability to walk from conditions like critical limb ischemia or the anxiety from cancer that has spread. At MVI, we can
bring solutions to these conditions.”

— Dr. Steven Thomas